We appreciate all contributions to our open source projects.

  • We’re interested in user experience and feedback from using the application.
  • We’d like people to fix bugs and contribute to features.
  • We’re interested in people using the code for their own purposes.
  • We’re interested in suggestions, modifications and improvements.

All our code can be found at

Each project should have a specific CONTRIBUTING.rst file that gives more specific information about how to contribute to that particular project.

Everything we are working on, or considering, is kept in GitHub issues. Feel free to contribute to any of these.

Bitesize issues

Getting started on someone else’s software project can be daunting. So when we have an issue that we think would be a good task for someone new to the project, we mark them as Bitesize.

Look for issues marked with the Bitesize label if you want somewhere to start.

Last updated on 2014-10-29