Contact Info

*Please note: these overview pages are currently being updated for the final release of version 2.01 of the IATI standard *.


The IATI activity standard enables contact-info to be included for any iati-activity

The following fields can be included:

  • organisation
  • person-name
  • job-title
  • telephone
  • email
  • mailing-address
  • website


When using the IATI activity standard to declare contact info, the following should be considered:

  • Any contact-info should include at least one of the available fields.
  • More than one contact-info can be included within an iati-activity
  • Use of the ContactType code is recommended, especially when declaring multiple contact-info
  • Careful attention should be paid to personal data being published. Always include organisational contact-info.
  • For telephone pay attention to international dialling codes. Avoid presentation of internal telephone numbers.
  • The free-text instances of organisation, person-name, job-title and mailing-address should avoid use of text in CAPITALS, where possible.

2.01 Considerations

In version 2.01, the following must also be considered:

  • Any freetext text for organisation, person-name, job-title and mailing-address must be included in a child narrative element, which can be repeated for different languages.

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