This is the reference page for the XML element baseline. See also the relevant overview page: Result


The baseline value for the indicator


This element must occur no more than once (within each parent element).



The year the baseline value was taken (yyyy)

This attribute is required.

This value must be of type xsd:positiveInteger.


The baseline value.

This attribute is required.

This value must be of type xsd:string.

Example Usage

Example of baseline in context of an indicator in a result element.

This example declares @year as 2012, with a @value of 10:
  <result type="1" aggregation-status="1">
	<narrative>Result title</narrative>    
    <narrative>Result description text</narrative>   
   <indicator measure="1" ascending="1">
      <narrative>Indicator title</narrative>   		 
      <narrative>Indicator description text</narrative>
     <baseline year="2012" value="10">
	   <narrative>Baseline comment text</narrative>
      <period-start iso-date="2013-01-01" />
      <period-end iso-date="2013-03-31" />
      <target value="10">
        <narrative>Target comment text</narrative>			
      <actual value="11">
		<narrative>Actual comment text</narrative>

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Last updated on 2015-01-21